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The Bloomington Yacht Club is an association of sailing enthusiasts located about 50 miles South of Indianapolis. The club is family-oriented and cooperative; members are expected to "pitch-in" on jobs such as the running of races, and site maintenance.

An active program attracts race fans, with races for all classes of boat held Sunday afternoons. We are home to Thistle Fleet 161, Y-Flyer Fleet 13, and Force 5 Fleet 105, and we host at least one regional race per year for those racing classes. Those who enjoy sailing without competition have the use of the clubhouse, docks, and power winch at any time.

The BYC is based on beautiful Lake Lemon, between Bloomington and Nashville, in south-central Indiana. For information on joining the club, click the Membership link above.

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Club News

2014 Lake Lemon Regatta

I had the pleasure of spending the Lake Lemon Regatta both on the water and on the shore, close to the action (sometimes too close with my kayak) as well as behind the scenes like many of you, quietly accomplishing our small tasks. I thought that I would race, but decided against it when Jim got hurt. Also, like you, perhaps, I was at the event early on Friday, speaking to most of the racers purposefully throughout the weekend, asking them about their boats, where they were from, noting the name of their vessel. My favorite; Powerless. Which sums up the weekend really. Waiting for the wind on Saturday, watching it fill the lake for a few hours at a modest breeze, then waiting again on Sunday...and waiting...and waiting. Until the Committee boat horn blew twice, postponing the event, then cancelling it altogether. Taking the pulse of the racers that morning suggested a sense of relief. No one really wanted to bob around on a hot day. No one was too disappointed. One of the older visiting sailors said philosophically, "You learn to take what life throws at you." I've edited out the expletives! Sunday was a little like Who-ville on Christmas. No presents, but we celebrated anyway. I've come to enjoy these days at the lake, especially when others visit and create a buzz all around. There are few things more satisfying than the beehive of activity of boats on shore getting ready to put in. The crisp sound of the sails flapping, rigging clanking; sailors and crews, young and old bustling about as they've done for a hundred years, over 50 years here at our small regatta. Most importantly, it's been a pleasure sharing and watching your small acts, and sometime great acts of kindness and care around the club, not just this weekend, but year-'round. I want to say 'Thank you' to all of you who kept our promise to Jim Ross and others to carry this tradition forward and to carry it on well.

Tom Saccone, BYC Commodore

The 2014 Lake Lemon Regatta will be held September 27-28.

Annapolis Performance Sailing was an official sponsor for last year's Lake Lemon Regatta at the Bloomington Yacht Club in lovely south-central Indiana on September 21-22, 2013.

The 2013 Force 5 North American Championship was hosted by BYC June 25th through June 29th

Click here for information about the Championship

WTIU Reports on the Force 5 North American Sailing Championship

2012 Lake Lemon Regatta

The 2012 Lake Lemon Regatta was held September 29th and 30th.
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This year’s Lake Lemon Regatta was indeed another success in a long string (52 years) of this event for BYC. It was the result of nearly a year of planning, many contributions of food, time and effort, and participation of everyone. For this I thank all you members. Special thanks go to Geoff Cashman and his family for his officiating the regatta and their participation throughout the weekend. Many photos were taken from the pontoon boats and from shore by Christina Wray, Mary Young, and others.

Hank Young, 2012 Regatta Chair

Let me add my thanks to everyone who worked on the Regatta. Special thanks, of course, to Hank and Mary. And to Priscilla, whose skills at keeping track of money are breathtaking, and to Christie, whom I watched (but didn't help) carry out the dead mice and clean the bathrooms for you. And to all the people who moved trailers, manned the hoist, cut grass, brought flowers, made meals, served meals, washed dishes, set tables, shopped for supplies, ran the committee boat, collected results, ordered trophies, donated beer, hauled out trash, directed traffic, welcomed guests, moved chairs, and decorated the deck - thanks to all of you for doing your share and so much more.

Jon Dilts, BYC Commodore

2012 Pirates vs. Buccaneers
July 4, 2012

The Pirates and Buccaneers arrived on our waters in full force, and many in full costume as well. There were ten ships in the battle with about 30 Pirates/Buccaneers wielding all sorts of water cannons, squirt guns and water balloons. Here’s how it all ended, as of about 4:00 – Mary and I had to leave before the barrel of rum was drained:

The five boat Pirate fleet led by Jeff Becker included Victor Goodman, Bill Manwaring, Matt Laherty, Joe Radovski, and their hearty crews. They finished in 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 9th, not necessarily in that order. They were awarded 7 bonus points for extra crews and appropriate costumes, but were assessed 5 penalty points for sailing outside the start/finish gate on the second lap. This gave them a final score of 22 points.

The five boat Buccaneer fleet headed by Jake Virostko included Mark Esch-Williams, Jim Davis, Tim Roualet, Brad Ohlrich and their bloodthirsty crews. They ended the battle with finishes of 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, and a DNS in some order. They were awarded 12 bonus points for extra crews, apparel, and boat décor, but were assessed 4 penalty points for missing the gate. If you’re following the math you’ll see that their final score was also 22 points.

In accordance with the special instructions for the event, the tie was broken by the team that did not place last. Unfortunately the last place (actually a DNS) was taken by Buccaneer, Brad Ohlrich, who managed to capsize twice before the start. He and his crew were last seen still bailing their Thistle as the race concluded. A bit dampened, they were still able to join the rest of us in mopping up the dregs of rum left by the winners, the Pirates.

The real winner was the event itself, as proclaimed by many of the members and guests. Many big thanks to Mike and Jill Sharp who did 95% of the ROD and AROD duties. The club looked great, the food was the best, and the turnout was the most we have had in the four years of this event. Looking forward to the 4th of July, next year—


Click here for Mary's 2012 Pirates vs Buccaneers Photos

Mark's 2012 Pirates vs Buccaneers Video:

2011 Lake Lemon Regatta

The 2011 Lake Lemon Regatta was held September 24th and 25th. Click here for details.

2011 Pirates vs Buccaneers Race

The Pirates vs Buccaneers Race once again proved to be a popular way to cool off on a hot July day. Click here for photos

2010 Lake Lemon Regatta - 50th Anniversary!

The 2010 Lake Lemon Regatta was a big success. There was a LOT of very positive feedback on how much fun it was, how great the food was, how great the race management was...on and on. So we did ourselves proud to be sure.We got really lucky on wind and weather. A little rain timed itself out before sailing Sunday, but other than that, it was close to perfect.

Hundreds of pictures from the regatta are now available - click here .

2009 Lake Lemon Regatta

The 2009 Lake Lemon Regatta was held on Sept 26, 27. It was another great regatta! The weather Saturday was sunny and warm; only thing missing was some wind. After about 2 hours of drifting around, resetting the race course, and resetting it again and again, we finally began the start sequence, only to end with a general recall for the first time in recent history. We barely got in two races (drifters) before distant thunder threatened any more races for the day, Sunday''s weather was much better, and three races were held to complete the regatta. As usual, the results are posted on the Bloomington Yacht Club Google Group/Files. Note: To see the final standings, you will have to scroll to the far right. Congratulations to Adrian and Josie Ziepolt for winning the "A" Fleet division with three first place finishes.

The turnout for this 49th reatta was great; 38 boats registerd to race and many more were on hand to help and support. Commodore Doug Kinzer challenged every participant to bring another boat and crew to next years event to make our 50th regatta a huge extravaganza. A thanks to Tim Roualet and his regatta staff for a great event, including Geoff Cashman for his race management, and the many who helped with the various meals. We had many compliments from our visitors for the smoked pork Saturday night and the sausage/pancake breakfast Sunday morning. Look for more of the same in coming years.

Click here for Photos.

Bloomington Yacht Club Google Group

A new Google Group has been created by club member Matt Ruhlen for the use of all club members. The new Bloomington Yacht Club Google Group is intended to make club email communications more efficient. Announcements and schedules are also being posted to the Google Group Pages and Files sections. This is a private list so only BYC members can access the list information. Public information will be copied to and updated on this website.

2008 Lake Lemon Regatta

The Lake Lemon Regatta this weekend (Sept 20 & 21) had lots of old and new friends as well as members, good food, everything but decent winds. We did get two races (drifters) in before thunderstorms threatened and we postponed for about an hour. We did get in a third race before happy hour and great lasagna prepared by Kim Schilke. On Sunday we drifted around the starting area for about an hour or so before abandoning the race and calling it a regatta. John Lewis did a great job of organizing and managing this years regatta. Thanks to all BYC members, it was a very successful regatta.

Photos from the 2008 Lake Lemon Regatta

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